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AC Services in Jaipur

AC servicing

AC Servicing

We offer reliable AC services for all the parts like coils, coil fins, and filters. Our highly skilled technicians follow the highest quality standards and provide trustworthy services at affordable costs. It not only cleans the AC and increases its life but also minimizes the energy consumption thus cutting down the electricity bill.

AC gas filling services

Gas Filling

Our Ac gas filling services provided by the proficient technicians save your expensive ACs from costly damages and wear and tear. The AC gas issues like leakage reduce its cooling power and cause your AC to produce irritating gurgling sound. Frozen coils, inner component damages, and lack of efficiency are some of the issues of gas leakage. It also increases your AC bills. At a reasonable cost you can enjoy our best gas filling services in Jaipur and save your AC from damages.

AC repair services

AC Repairing

An old or damaged AC needs repairing. Ignoring it can result in lack of cooling and extreme energy consumption. At the end of the month, you would have to pay expensive bills. By paying a small repairing amount or opting for our AMC, you can easily get your AC repaired before it causes any inconvenience or damage.

AC installation services

AC Installation

We offer quick and trustworthy AC installation services rendered by our well-trained manpower that are specially trained to offer reliable services and carefully install ACs in the right position for maximum effect.

AC Removal

Our technicians follow the best guidelines for removing your ACs to ensure that the AC should not be damaged during removing or moving process.

PCB Repair

We have a dependable team of expert AC technicians who can repair your AC printed circuit boards (PCB) to regain the real stamina of your AC and allow it to work more efficiently. We are capable of repairing PCBs of all types and models of ACs including both Indian as well as imported ACs. Our team can evaluate the issue, repair it in the record time and also test it to ensure that the work has been accomplished well.

New Remote

Remote play a vital role in ACs as it enables you to control the temperature, determine the fan swinging and change the direction of air as per your requirements. We provide you the branded remote controls to help you control your AC to meet your cooling requirements without any issues. Expect the best remote controls at the prices you can afford and the quality you can always trust.

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Reasonable Price

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